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5 Tips for Furnishing a Beautiful Thatch Cottage

The cottage design is a classic style which still has a great deal of attraction for many people. If you have been lucky enough to find a cottage, even if it needs a lot of interior restoration, then you should take this opportunity to really furnish it in the best... read more

5 Tips towards a Safer Thatched Cottage

Having that picture postcard country cottage complete with thatched roof is the dream of thousands. What many later discover to their chagrin that as charming as that thatched roof is it brings with it a whole host of problems. Anyone considering buying one of these... read more

Holiday Cottage Furniture and Style Guide

Use the following basic guidelines whenever you are working on getting your holiday cottage furnished. Purchase durable furniture. Keep in mind that your holiday letting over the years will most likely end up receiving hundreds of guests. For this reason, you will... read more

The History of Natural Stone Tiling

Natural stone tiling has become something of a phenomenon in interior design, with home owners and designers all over the world falling in love with their natural beauty. Although, behind their beauty, natural stones such as limestone tiling hold amazing history that... read more