Use the following basic guidelines whenever you are working on getting your holiday cottage furnished.

Purchase durable furniture.

Keep in mind that your holiday letting over the years will most likely end up receiving hundreds of guests. For this reason, you will want to purchase furniture that is easy to maintain and clean. Fabrics like suede soil quite easily, and are hard to clean. Lace tablecloths and other delicate items cannot be machine washed and take a lot more work to maintain. Light coloured carpets and sofas look wonderful, however they also damage and stain more easily.

Always choose good quality furniture.

It is very important that your guests are provided with good quality ash furniture. That will make them feel like they are investing in a quality holiday experience. Although you do want to choose quality items, also keep in mind that furniture that is used in a holiday home will need to be replaced much more frequently than items used in a residential home, so don’t splurge on expensive items.

Ensure that the environment you create is comfortable.

The main reason why travellers go on holiday in the first place is to relax and enjoy themselves. You will want the sitting room to be very comfortable so that it is a place they can relax in and enjoy a drink together, read a good book or watch a movie. You might be tempted to purchase sofa beds or futons and wicker furniture instead of proper armchairs and sofas. However, if you do that your guests will feel uncomfortable and cramped. The same is true when it comes to purchasing furniture for dining rooms and bedrooms. We recommend that you sleep in each bed in your holiday home for one night. If you find that they are uncomfortable, chances are your guests will too.

Create an environment that is safe.

When people are on holiday, they have a tendency to turn their brains off. There is also a greater chance that they will injure themselves when they are in unfamiliar surroundings. This is even more critical if you will have families with young children staying at your property. It is a very good idea to have a cover for the swimming pool. On the other hand, it isn’t such a great idea to have things that are easily breakable or sharp. We don’t recommend that you have anything in your holiday home that has personal value for you, in the event it is damaged.

Garden Space

Ensure the garden space is up to scratch. A lot of cottages benefit from care to the garden and the traditional look is one that can really look fantastic outside an older cottage. Roses and traditional flowers work well, while nice old fashioned statues or water fountains such as these also do the trick.

The furnishings should reflect your holiday destination.

Choose furniture that will enhance your guests’ overall holiday experience. Frequently travellers will book holiday homes so that they can experience what the local lifestyle is like. It is important to create a home that has an authentic feel to it. Think about the reasons why travellers tend to visit your local area and stay at a holiday rental there. For example, contemporary furnishing will go a lot better in a city centre apartment than traditional interiors that are often found in countryside properties. Those seashell print curtains that you found would look fabulous inside a beach house, but out of place in a Lake District holiday cottage.