It’s one of the most iconic symbols of English quaintness: the chocolate box cottage with the thatched roof. And whilst such roofs are far from the expensive and impractical building solutions that many may believe them to be, they do represent a consideration for insurers due to both the potential for fire that burns faster, causes more damage and that may be relatively expensive to repair. To this end here we take a look at thatch roofs and provide a few tips for the savvy thatch cottage fire insurance shopper.

Thatch and fire: A realistic overview

There are many myths and misconceptions about living under the typical thatched roof, such as being unable to have an open fire or wood burning stove, and being subject to frequent fires. In actuality however thatch roofed properties are no more likely to suffer a fire than any other property, nevertheless it pays to be aware of the potential of fire as the rebuild costs associated with thatch roofs are generally higher owing to the need for specialist skills and material.

Thatch cottage fire insurance: Essential tips

Choose a Thatch cottage insurance specialist

Despite the fact that thatch roofed properties having no greater a risk of fire than any other form of building many insurers refuse to provide any thatch cottage fire insurance whatsoever. For this reason the thatch roofed property owner often needs to seek specialist

Thatch cottage fire insurance. What’s more as such suppliers are often specialists within the area they can frequently provide their customers with what can be invaluable information for driving down the potential of fire.

Be sure to purchase the right amount of cover

The sometimes complex re-build costs associated with fire damaged thatched properties isn’t made any simpler by the fact that many such buildings are also listed (which in itself represents a need for the repair to use the same method that was used when the building was originally constructed).

This then all demands an expert’s opinion upon the specific re-build costs to ensure that the property owner doesn’t either under insure, and end up with consequent repair costs, or over insure and end up paying over the odds upon their premium.

Practice good fire safety – It will almost certainly drive down your premium

The majority of thatch cottage fire insurance providers will want a specialist to visit your property to undertake a survey prior to agreeing cover. In order to both secure cover, as well as ensure that the premium you pay is as low as possible, you should always practice good fire safety precautions.

Thatch cottage insurance for fire still too expensive? Consider a higher excess

If, after all, the thatch cottage fire insurance quotes that you receive are far higher than you expected then you can consider setting the voluntary excess of the policy (which is an amount that is immediately payable by yourself should a fire occur resulting in damage to your thatch roof). You must, however, be sure that you could meet this cost should the worst happen.