The cottage design is a classic style which still has a great deal of attraction for many people. If you have been lucky enough to find a cottage, even if it needs a lot of interior restoration, then you should take this opportunity to really furnish it in the best way possible. There are many ideas about what makes a true cottage style, and so you need to consider what the best option for you is. With a few simple tips you can decorate your cottage and make it look great. Just make sure you invest in thatch cottage insurance cover.

Adding a vintage character

Part of the charm about the cottage style is that it offers visitors the chance to look back in time to a simpler and politer world. Using vintage furniture, or traditional style furniture such as a log bed, can give your rooms the classic cottage look without being too costly. If you wish to, you can even purchase truly vintage furniture which will give your home that classic style.

Go for soft colours in your thatch cottage

The second biggest feature of the classic cottage style is soft colours, particularly pastels, which are used as much as possible throughout the cottage. From blue walls to yellow cushions, or green rugs on the floor, soft colours in pleasing combinations are a must. You can take ideas about these colours from old design books if you choose.

Choose lace

Another feature of traditional cottage style in most rooms will be lace. Whether this includes lace curtains, lace decoration around tables, or even doilies under lamps, it should be a strong feature of any cottage design. If you want rooms with a more masculine feel alongside those with the feminine features, then you might consider leaving one or two rooms without lace, and with a focus upon large fireplaces and exposed brickwork. These features can help to distinguish between the feminine social rooms and the more masculine private areas.

Combine old and new

Just as with traditional cottage living, the cottage style will mix a blend of old and new in both furniture and decorations. For example, if you want to buy a new log bed for your cottage like here, then you should mix this with antique accessories such as desk lamps, chairs or cabinets which have been pre-used. Flea markets and vintage shops are ideal for this, as you cannot only find furniture, but a wide range of different accessories. If you really want to change things up why not try a Soothing Walls fountain for the space.

Be eclectic

When you make the decision to decorate your cottage in the classic style, then you are accepting that you want to impress your own ideas upon the building. You can choose to decorate rooms with accessories from your childhood, or photographs of your family.

A masculine style room might have hunter’s trophies on the wall, images of hunting scenes or military events, rustic styled log furniture or have lots of classic paintings of animals. A more feminine room might have a focus upon small ornaments, plush cushions and seating, and homely activities such as knitting or sewing. Antique samplers or stitched pictures on the wall add to this look.

Just make sure if you decide on creating a beautiful cottage that you have it insured and all the building and contents are covered. You can do so with our help –compare thatched roof home insurance now